52, Sevastopolskoye shosse,
Gaspra, Yalta, Crimea, 98668, Ukraine

tel. +38(0654) 27-54-00
fax: +38(0654) 27-54-02

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Alexandria park apartment complex is situated 10 km. from Yalta and 130 meters above sea level, at the foot of Ay-Petri mountain. Historical and architectural highlights such as the old park of ex-Panina's estate, Gaspra resort and The Swallow's nest castle are located in the immediate vicinity.


The Southern Coast of the Crimea is safely protected from the cold northern winds in winter, and from hot dry winds of summer. In warm season throughout the day the sea breeze cools the area down and saturates the air with natrium and bromide currents. At night the winds reverse direction - from the mainland to the sea, and the air is filled with forest aroma. Here the climate is curative and very beneficial for your health.

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