52, Sevastopolskoye shosse,
Gaspra, Yalta, Crimea, 98668, Ukraine

tel. +38(0654) 27-54-00
fax: +38(0654) 27-54-02

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In all respects it’s a comfortable apartment complex for all the residents.

The adjacent area of the housing estate is adorned with green flowerbeds and decorative bushes.

The paths are layed out and comfortable benches are set in various intimate corners. The courtyard houses the fountain and a cozy cafe with an open terrace - a suitable place to relax and meet friends.


Apartments are the main value of the estate.

On different floors the corridors repeat the style of the estate and are organized in hotel–like order. The apartments are arranged from
the 1-st to the 9-th floors.

The complex is designed in a way to provide a choice of view from any apartment - the sea view, mountain view or park view.

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