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The Southern Coast of the Crimea

The Southern part of the Crimea along the Black sea coast is memorably picturesque. It has been known not only as a splendid resort area having a subtropical climate, but also as a unique «museum alfresco». Beautiful palaces and parks of the late 19-th – early 20-th century are the embellishment of the southern coast. Having been constructed in different styles, they are of architectural and historical value. The settlements together with Yalta - the pearl of the Crimea – are located at the foot of the mountain range, covered by the forest, and amid the seaside rocks and valleys.







Why are so many people longing for the Southern coast of the Crimea?

There are some historical facts. The Russian aristocracy valued this site and constructed wonderful palaces here. Beautiful virgin nature and beneficial climate are the reasons why people choose this place for a healthy life style. Look around – the sea, the old park and panoramic view of Ai-Petri will stay with you for ever.

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